Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Dying to make some more ribbon...
(pun intended)
It's been quite a while since I played in Blogland.
Honestly, I haven't had much to share... sad huh?
My crafty friends Kim, from Oak Pond Creations and Linda, from Turtle in the Sand 
came over last weekend and we had some fun dying seam binding ribbon.
Why haven't I done this sooner?!?!


Linda Compton said...

Love the kraft tabs. Keeps everything neat and labeled. I had so much fun dying the seam binding. But I definitely learned my lesson about wearing gloves next time. Thanks for planning this crafty day.

Kimberly Hecker said...

I'm with Linda, great idea on the tabs! Excellent colors and this was SO MUCH FUN. Thank you for showing us this and finding some great seam binding ribbon to dye. Can't wait for another crafty day together :)