Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sassy Cheryl's Show Me Thursday #67

I went to a local antique shop called "Southern Pickers" today to browse around and look for a new carrier for my Copics. I could get lost in that place for hours...wait, I did!! (LMBO) I like to re purpose old things and make them new again, so I was on the lookout for a case of some kind with a handle. No such luck...but I did wind these lace edged Fire King milk glass sherbet bowls and a PINK Pyrex casserole dish!!! I am going to use the milk glass for Easter decorations, put a little Easter grass in them with some fancy eggs, a bunny or two and a few chicks. I have a thing for the older Pyrex bowls and couldn't pass up this pretty casserole dish. I would say I had a great day at the antique store. 

Wander on over to Cheryl's blog and let her know what you have going on this week. 


Sassy Cheryl said...

Did you 'wind' them or 'find' them. LMBO! heehee!
These are fabulous Jeni. I'm like you. . . .I can get lost in places like that too. I'll hit some of the local shops soon.
Thanks for sharing girl! Such a great find.

Tammy said...

Never knew anyone who had a thing for Pyrex new or old, guess I do now! Great finds!

Shirley said...

Sorry you didn't find the proper container for the Copics, but love the sherbert bowls and the Pyrex dish.

Cynthia said...

Yep, a gal after my own heart! Junkin' at the antique store. We don't have many antique/flea markets in Alaska so I take full advantage when I visit family in Missouri. These bowls are adorable, Jeni. Such a great find even if you didn't get your Copic carrier this trip. :-)