Sunday, July 29, 2012

Bad Blogger Alert and Some Fun

Can you all hear the "Bad Blogger Siren" blaring? I have been such a bad blogger since May and I 
would like to say that it isn't because I want to be. I miss stopping by and seeing you every day over my 
morning coffee. Some of you may know that I had to find a new job. new job is a bit more time 
consuming than my last. Quite frankly, it's cutting into my crafting time and it really STINKS.
 Hopefully things will slow up a bit and get back to normal soon.

I know it's not Thursday, but it is time for another SHOW ME THURSDAY over at Sassy Cheryl's. I have a few pics to share from this past week and a little giggle for you. 

This first pick is a little tag to go in my VERY FIRST Etsy sale customer's envelope. Yep, I finally sold a card!! Isn't that exciting?!?! My friend Kim over at Oak Pond Creations drew me this adorable little Daisy Flip-Flop image. Don't you love it? Thanks Kim...YOU ROCK!!

 This next pic is of my cutie patootie niece Shauna, coloring Sassy Cheryl's new Jeni's Ladybug image. 
She saw me coloring mine and she had to color one too. Because "you're s'posed to share Jeni!"
Seriously...that's what she told me.( Lol)  She's a little mess, but I love her. 

Okay, here's where the "giggle" comes in. 
I was minding my own business, sitting at my craft desk. I realized I hadn't unpacked my tape runner from our Tuesday night card club. It was in my craft tote behind my chair so I twisted around to grab my bag and the chair and I fell right over!! Needless to say, I DO NOT fall gracefully anymore. Lol
After a big thud and a laughing fit (and much ridicule from my family) I got back up, dusted myself off and went back to what I was doing. Later that evening when I was getting ready for bed I found this on my craft chair.
My dear Hubby took my bathrobe tie and wrapped it around my seat!!!! REALLY, was that necessary?!?

Although I was sore for a couple days and still have the bruised to boot, 
 I'm a rebel and REFUSE to use it!!! So far I am accident free. Lol


heidy said...

Oh your nice looks adorable Jeni and hope you didt hurt yourself to bad,love what your hubby did lol!
XXX Heidy

Tammy said...

Congrats on selling a card, many it be the first of hundreds more! Keep up the great work sharing your love for crafting with your niece and for goodness sake, wear your seatbelt!

Gram's Treasures said...

You know you're getting older....when you have to laugh when you fall and hurt yourself! I thought the seatbelt was so cute. Congrats on selling your first card too!
Joyce xx

Oak Pond Creations said...

You're such a wingnut ;) I'm so glad you didn't get hurt and congratulations on your card sale. Here's to many more! Shauna is a little coloring Diva. So cute. I love how you've colored those flip flops. They look so fun Jeni. Hugs and Happy Crafting <3 -Kim

Whimcees said...


This post brought me so many smiles! I love the "She's a little mess, but I love her" comment! I mean to keep it for my own now. :<) She is lovely. And the seat belt was brilliant - great husband response! Wishing you a happy day today!


Barbara Diane

Shirley said...

Jeni, the flip flop card is absolutely gorgeous. Best of luck on your Etsy store. I think your niece sounds like MM telling you how to behave. Now I'm laughing with you on the chair incident, but your DH is just too full of himself. Glad to see you back posting and hope the job settles down soon, and I'm even happier that you found another job.

Sassy Cheryl said...

I'm just loving that little flip flop tag for your Etsy package. And BTW. . .CONGRATS!
I'm so glad you showed the photo of Shauna coloring. When you texted that to me, I just smiled a HUGE smile! What a sweet, new artist. I still have it saved on my phone.
Thanks for playing along in the Sassy Cheryl's SMThursday this week.

nwilliams6 said...

The seat belt thing still has me giggling! Sounds like something I would do and something my husband would do as well!!! Sorry your job is interfering with your crafting - I hate when that happens! Wonderful pics and sharing on this post! Brightened my day with a little laughter - now I have to go get ready for my job (takes way too much of my crafting time away too).

Scrappy Doo said...

Congrats on the Etsy Sale.
I also have minimal time to craft-- very bad
You are lucky you didn't hurt yourself when you fell over-- I would have.
Having said that, your husband is wonderful for making you a seatbelt!!!